A Sunny Disposition

Featuring Soul2Soul, Serenity Style, Lucas Lameth and Pitaya

I am still settling into my new RL job and figuring out what blogging schedule will work best for me.  I am sad to say that my “career” as a Seraphim blogger was short lived.  While my RL job is only part time and for the most part very flexible, I was just not able to commit 100% to being able to get posts out. 

This was determined when we had an ice storm here in Alabama that shut most everything down and caused a project that was scheduled for a Monday and Tuesday to be pushed to Wednesday and Thursday…which were my prime Seraphim event blogging days for my assigned event.  So though it was no ones fault, except mother natures, I discovered that “doodoo” does indeed happen.  I learned a lot and give everyone on that team HUGE props because there is WAY more to Seraphim event blogging that meets the eye.  

That all being said I am really enjoying my new job.  I am having to do a bit of clean up of past due projects that didn’t get done by the person I replaced and that is never fun but it is coming along nicely!  You can find all of the details on today’s featured goodies in the credits!  Happy shopping!




 Moritz Books The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Bronze Sculpture The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Bronze Wall Art (Bonus) The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Coffee Table The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Fireplace The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Floor Lamp The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Fluffy Wool Rug The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Light -Fatpack The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Velvet Chaise The Liaison Collaborative
 Moritz Velvet Ottoman The Liaison Collaborative
Soul2Soul. Go-Pop Rattan Cocoon Chair
Soul2Soul. Go-Pop Rug
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Candle Short
Soul2Soul. Tuscan Candle Tall

Lucas Lameth – Caviar & Salmon Lox Appetizer @ Kustom9

Serenity Style

Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Decorated
Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Layered
Serenity Style- Antique Vessel Stand

Trompe Loeil  – Caylin Modern Ranch

Pitaya @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cushion Collection Part I MUSTARD
Cushion Collection Part I WHITE

Heart Garden Center – Wild Exotics – Umbrella Palm

Dust Bunny – Fiddle Leaf Tree

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