Sunset At Bodega Bay – Circa 1963

Featuring Nardcotix

I am sort of in love with everything about this photo.  It has been stirring in the back of my mind ever since I tried on the dress.  To me it screamed vintage Hollywood which is a style I love.  The dress and heels are from Nardcotix and they are available at Cupid Inc. which will be wrapping up in a few days so don’t miss it.  Like I said before there is so much there that is definitely not just Valentine related.  I finished the look with the  perfect hairstyle and a great pair of sunglasses.

After I got the look put together I went in search of the perfect photo location and very easily and happily settled on Soul2Soul Coast.  The shoreline and birds immediately reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, a 1963 movie starring the beautiful and glamorous Tippi Hedren.  The movie was filmed in and around Bodega Bay, a very real location in California.  Soul2Soul Coast is definitely worth a visit but keep an eye on the birds…you never know when they may work themselves into a frenzy!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tableau Vivant  – Bianca

Dress – Nardcotix – Athina Dress @ Cupid Inc.

Shoess – Nardcotix – Athina Stiletto @ Cupid Inc.

Sunglasses – KC Couture – Vogue Sunglasses


Stun Poses  – Gaia – Pose 6


Soul2Soul Coast

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