Home In Notting Hill

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

I found myself trapped in a wormhole again only this time it wasn’t YouTube.  It was Google images and now I am dying to go to the Portobello Road street market.  I may have mentioned I was watching Call the Midwife and so many of the old black and white photos of the Notting Hill area reminded me of the show’s setting and in fact according to Google the trip from Poplar to Notting Hill would take only about 22 minutes.  I also discovered there is a Call the Midwife walking tour!  Now that I am working again perhaps I should start saving for a trip abroad.  Surely by the time I have saved enough, Covid will be a thing of the past!  One can hope!

I am featuring a beautiful new set from DaD Virtual Living today.  This is the Les memoires Cozy Bathroom set currently at Uber.  The set includes several pieces starting with the vanity and ending with the soap dish…and everything in between.  Check the credits for all of the items included and head to Uber to see the beautiful set in person!



DaD Virtual Living @ Uber

” Vintage Tissue Dispenser”
“Cozy Bathroom Rug 01”
“Indoor Olive tree in pot”
“Indoor Olive tree with wooden basket”
“Les Memoires Guest towels Bathroom”
“Les Memoires Towels Basket Bathroom”
“Traditional Wall radiator w towels”
“Traditional Wall radiator”
“Vintage Sink Vanity”
“Vintage Soap Dish”
“Vintage Toothbrush Holder”
“Vintage wall Mirror”
“Vintage wall lamp”

KOPFKINO – Good Reads – Armchair

Apple Fall

Althea Rug – Antique Light
Bathroom Lotions
Portobello Corner Store


Attic Hideout Vase1
Attic Hideout Vase2
Attic Hideout Vase3
Countryside Dream Painting
22. Nutmeg. Musical Escape Taupe Dress
Countryside Dream Wooden Chest
Rustic Fence Clothesline Bonus Item
Stored Antiquities Curtain

Muniick – Lowell’s Vintage Wooden Divider (Green)

MADRAS – Spring Vintage Charles Jug

hive – Hanging Devil’s Ivy Plant

Fancy Decor – Vintage Handled Vase

*Other items from Pixel Mode are no longer available*

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