The Beach Is Calling

Featuring Lyrium Poses, ZK Store and Krescendo

At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour
but mood to moment.
We live by the currents, plan by the tides
and follow the sun.

– Sandy Gingras –


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Blush

Top –  ZK Store  – Logan Top @ Cosmopolitan

Shorts –  ZK Store  – Logan Shorts @ Cosmopolitan

Thong –  ZK Store  – Logan Thong @ Cosmopolitan


[Krescendo] – Blossom Chair – Coming soon in Deco(c)rate

The Little Branch – Bottle Palm – Animated

Las Islas – Naimesh Naupaka

Wild Hound Designs – Beach Seat Sand Castle

DaD Virtual Living – Beach Rock


Lyrium Poses – Mell Static Series – Pose 4
*Also available in breathing animations.*

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