Take A Picture. It’ll Last Longer!

Featuring ViSion and Lyrium

Remember when we were kids and and that was our snarky reply when someone was staring…”Take a picture.  It’ll last longer.”  It was actually very good advice because pictures do indeed last longer.  My brother was sharing some of our childhood photos on his Facebook and it was so fun to see my siblings and cousins when we were all so little.  

This new Camera Ready Pose & Prop Set from Lyrium is the inspiration of this photo.  I was reminded of my daughter and her friends in their late teens snapping what they called “ninja pics” of cute boys….something I am sure I would have done with my friends had there been such a thing as cell phones.  The set includes 6 poses, 3 holds and the camera.  The camera is so cute and includes a texture hud so you can customize your colors.  It also has a blinking “flash” and a picture that pops up and can be shown or hidden. I love it!  You can find the set at Equal10.

I am also featuring a cute tank top/dress from ViSion that can easily double as a beach cover up.  The Rowan Tank Top/Dress was an anniversary group gift that is still available to VIP group members.  It comes with a full texture hud with loads of colors and cute prints. There is a small join fee (18L) that is well worth just this item alone but there are other gifts available as well.  Stop by the mainstore, join the group and snag them all!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Vanity Hair – Phases

Tank Top – ViSion –  Rowan Tank Top/Dress *Group gift*

Sunglasses – [Fetch] – Maxine Glasses

Anklet & Toe RIng –  Apple May Designs – Barcelona Anklets & Toe RIng


AmitieVW Van Orange

Dust Bunny

Beach Day Closed Parasol
Beach Day Towel Tote
Beach Day Lounge Chair
Beach Day Net Bag
Beach Day Breezy Book


Lyrium – Camera Ready Pose & Prop Set @ Equal10

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