The Whisper Of Dusk

Featuring {What Next}, {Your Dreams}, KraftWork, Urban Jungle and Mithral

I have to say I do love how this photo turned out. It seems a shame to tear it down so quickly. but by the time you read this is will have been long gone.  There is always something waiting in the wings to be blogged and a girl only has so much space and prim.

I got lots of goodies here today.  The items from Your Dreams, KraftWork and Mithral can all be found in Deco(c)rate.  I hope you got yours during pre-orders but if you didn’t you can still purchase one…..you just won’t get the pre-order price.  I have heard lots of great comments about the crate this round and I completely agree.  It is filled with great things that are usable year round.

I used a piece of fencing from Urban Jungle’s Irregular Fence Kit as a back wall and it turned out great.  Sometimes you gotta think outside the box!  You can find the fencing at The Liaison Collaborative which will open tomorrow!  It is the 8th anniversary round and you don’t want to miss it!

Last but not least is a great frame grouping from What Next.  The Picture Gallery Frame allows you to choose from 4 themes and 7 frame colors and is ONLY 1 LI!  You can find it at the mainstore.

Have a great day!



{Your Dreams} for Deco(c)rate

Westwing Corner – Sofa
Westwing Corner – Armchair
Westwing Corner – Basket of Tulips
Westwing Corner – Table
Westwing Corner – Vinca Basket
Westwing Corner – Bird’s Nest

Mithral – Wall Planter Display for Deco(c)rate

KraftWork – Converted Greenhouse for Deco(c)rate

{What Next}  – Picture Gallery Frames – Classic

Urban Jungle – Irregular Fence @ The Liaison Collaborative

Apple Fall

Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea
Stacked Magazines

Scarlet Creative

Jenna Black Floor Lantern
Jenna Sofa White – FootStool
Jenna Table Lantern Medium
Jenna Table Lantern Small

Mori. – Hanging Lights

HPMD – Wildgrasses Green

Bad Katz – Mesh Aspen Tree

Pitaya – Round Rug – Boho BW

Soy. – Spread magazine (A)

Mesh Plants – Wall Fern Plant

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