Tea Is My Daytime Wine

Featuring Aleutia and Lucas Lameth

Ok..I have to start by making a confession!  I am NOT a tea drinker!  I do like wine on occasion though but I did think the title I used for this post was catchy.  It’s not mine though…thank you Google!  The only tea I have found that I do like is iced Chai mixed with milk so I guess that makes it a Chai Latte.  When I moved from Michigan to Alabama it seems the world was suddenly filled with tea drinkers, sweet iced tea to be exact.  I remember the first manager lunch I went to at my old job.  EVERY single person ordered sweet iced tea and they all looked at me like I was crazy when I asked the wait person what kind of pop they had…Yes, POP, not soda!  See..you can take the girl out of Michigan but you can’t take the Michigan out of the girl.

I wouldn’t need to like tea to drink out of this beautiful tea set though.  I could put any beverage of choice in there and it would pour just the same.  These gorgeous Sakura pieces are from Aleutia and they are available in individual packs or as a full set.  You can find them at Bloom, which is open now!

The perfect compliment to our tea are these Gyoza Dumplings from Lucas Lameth.  The set includes a decor plate of dumplings that also doubles as a Bento server, chopsticks and a dumpling held in chopsticks as a Bento accessory.  You can find these yummy dumplings at Kustom9.  Get em’ while they’re hot…pun totally intended! 



[Aleutia] @ Bloom

Sakura Cushion – Patterns
Sakura Cushion – Solid
Sakura Light Blue Tea Set – Bowl w/ Chopsticks
Sakura Light Blue Tea Set – Cup with Blossoms
Sakura Light Blue Tea Set – Empty Cup
Sakura Light Blue Tea Set – Kettle
Sakura Light Blue Tea Set – Tea Cup (UNSCRIPTED)
[Sakura Table – Dark Walnut
Sakura Wall Art
TatamI Long Mat – Light Blue

Lucas Lameth @ Kustom9

Chopsticks [Decor]
Gyoza Dumplings [Decor, BENTO Server]

22769 – Vase with Cherry Blossoms

HPMD – Shrub Pink

MAke a MArk – * M^2 * Japanese Edo series 1 – 6

Heart Garden Center – Japanese Anemone

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