A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought

Featuring Granola

A good home must be made, not
bought.  In the end, it’s not track
lighting or a sun room that
brings light into a kitchen.

– Joyce Maynard




Anna Potted Echeveria
Stella Lady Vase. Tone1 Beige @ Bloom
Stella Lady Vase. Tone1 Pink @ Bloom
Stella Lady Vase. Tone5 @ Bloom
Stella Table Light @ Bloom
Stella Watering Can. Bronze @ Bloom
Stella Watering Can. Copper @ Bloom

Lucas Lameth

Ficus Potted Tree V2
Kokedama, Hanging Sprigs with Flower

 *LODE* – Diana Bottle with Flower

+Half-Deer+ – English Ivy

.:revival:. – Sisal Rug Flourish


 [Eli] Cat Planter Relaxed
[Sunrise] Succulent Ceramic Hangers
[Lian] Confort Ottoman
[Uber] Birthday Macrame

BamPu LegaciesHacienda Plumeria Hanging Plant Mesh


Neutral Spring / Cabinet
Neutral Spring / Floor Vases

Foxwood  – Little Lady – Sleep Decor

MADRAS – Divya Hanging Candle


Puppy Care – Ball
Puppy Care – Pink Chew Toy

Pitaya – Face Vase Red w/ Plants

Trompe Loeil – Soleil Greenhouse Cottage

Tuesdays – Dressing Screen Beaded

Dust Bunny

Elephant Ear Plant
Hanging Plants – Ivy Planter
Potted Bromeliad
Potted Dragon Tree


Dwarf Palm Tree w/ Base A
Hanging Bougainvillea Plant – Pink
Hanging Bougainvillea Plant – White
Hanging Devil’s Ivy Plant – Pink Variegated
Kentia Palm Plant
 Lucky Heart Plant 
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

tarte. – Boho Summer Chair

{What Next} Palma Potted Plant

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