Fresh Air & Sunshine

Featuring Harshlands, Bee’s That Way, Nantra and Ecru Couture

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

It has been a busy weekend and I didn’t get to check out any of my usual weekend shopping events so I am going to keep this short and sweet.  All of my featured items can be found at The Liaison Collaborative which opens today at noon SLT.  See how easy that was!

I have also used other sponsored items, not necessarily new but I like to give a shout out to those creators to continue to help me make pretty pictures!  Thank you  Serenity Style, DaD Virtual Living, Cheeky Pea and TLC Home Collection! 


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi  – Indigo

Dress – Ecru Couture – Lisa @ The Liaison Collaborative


Harshlands @ The Liaison Collaborative

[Harshlands] Outdoor Bench – Mixed
[Harshlands] Outdoor Birdhouse Vase – Mixed
[Harshlands] Outdoor Table – Mixed
[Harshlands] Outdoor Vase – Old Ceramic
[Harshlands] Outdoor Wall – Mixed Open

Bee’s That Way – Cover me in Daisies Door Hang @ The Liaison Collaborative

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Great Tit
Green Finch
Feathered Squatters – Oriole Set

DaD Virtual Living

Antique Hanging Hydrangea Flower Ball
Antique Hydrangea Pot

 Cheeky Pea

Louis’ Chalkboard Tray
Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies
Louis’ Lantern
Louis’ Side Table
Louis’ Star Lantern
Louis’ Willow Chair

Serenity Style – Back To Home Welcome Sign

LOVE – Grass Border Flowers #10

Heart Garden Center

HEART – Buttercups – Patch
Heart – Aubretia – Tiny – White
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Buttercups Tall
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Poppies – White

Schadenfreude @ Collabor88

Daisy in Glass Tiny Hex Ink Bottle
Daisy in Glass Tiny Rectangular Bottle
Daisy in Glass Tiny Round Bottle
Daisy in Glass Tiny Sphere Bottle
Daisy in Glass Tiny Square Ink Bottle

Trompe Loeil – Maisie Cabin

Merak – Pillows A Floral

[TUFF] – Stone Steps Light


Nantra – Ups & Downs @ The Liaison Collaborative

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