Table For Three

Featuring Soul2Soul and Lucas Lameth

Today I bring you some beautiful furniture from Soul2Soul and a tasty feast from Lucas Lameth….a little something to fuel yourself with after all that…ahem…heavy lifting.

The Bohemian Feast from Lucas Lameth is a colorful platter of many tasty things including “heirloom tomatoes, baby courgettes, avocadoes, basil, watercress, black olives, fresh herbs, grape and cherry tomatoes, capers, pickled red onions, blackberries, and then natural mozzarella.”  I’ll take all the trio of tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella please!  It is a Bento server and includes 3 decor pieces and 2 bento accessories.  You can find it all at Anthem.

Ready to unwind at the end of a long day by watching the sun set and smelling the salty air.  Pull up a chair from Soul2Soul’s new Seville set.  The set includes chairs, coffee table, texture change pillow, plants and more.  The arrangement you see in the photo is one that thankfully won’t have to be torn down.  It is now a permanent lounging space at our beach house.  You can find yours at The Liaison Collaborative and I think it is worth mentioning that the entire set is VERY reasonably priced at 599L.  I love it!



Soul2Soul  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Seville Coffee Table
Seville Leaf Vase
Seville Monstera Plant
Seville Newspaper
Seville Rattan Chair
Seville Rattan Chair w/Cushion
Seville Tassle Cushion – Fatpack

Lucas Lameth

Bohemian Feast, Vegetable Platter @ Anthem
Stack of Blue Swirl Plates @ Anthem
Ficus Potted Tree

Architect.  – Palms Sunset Porthole (Bronze)

DaD Virtual Living – Beach Rock

Heart Garden Center – Wild Exotics – Umbrella Palm


Fish Mobile
Summer Shack . Beach Sandals His
Summer Shack . Rolled Beach Mat
Summer Shack . Summer Hat & Towel

The Little Branch 

Sago Palm Tree – v2 {Animated} w/Grass
Wild Grass Dry

LOVE – Essential Grass


[IK] Driftwood Ibiza Set – Pergola w/awning
[IK] Driftwood Ibiza Set – Trunk Deco

Dust Bunny – Coconut Drink

{vespertine} – Towel Rolls

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