Dining Out

Featuring Serenity Style and Aleutia

Part of the secret of a success in
life is to eat what you like and
let the food fight it out inside.

– Mark Twain

I saw this quote and had to laugh because while I was working on this photo I was thinking of the scene in the movie Bridesmaids where the girls go to a highly suspect Indian restaurant and end up paying the price while at the bridal salon.  If you haven’t seen it, lets just say the food did indeed fight it out inside!

Today I am featuring the Spanish Patio Corner set from Serenity Style.  The set includes the garden patio, stool and a variety of potted flowers.  You can find it at UniK which has just about a week left.  Be sure to go take a look before the event ends on the 27th.

I am also featuring the Desert Rose collection from Aleutia.  There are six different pieces in the collection and each is sold separately (all colors included) for 250L each or you can get all the pieces in all the colors for 999L!  You can find it at Uber Hometown.



Serenity Style @ UniK

Serenity Style- Allium Pink-Rose Ground Pot
Serenity Style- Allium White Pot
Serenity Style- Spanish Garden Patio
Serenity Style- Spanish Garden Patio – Stool

 [Aleutia] @ Uber Hometown

Desert Rose Candles – Blue
Desert Rose Candles – Red
Desert Rose Circular Rug – Teal
Desert Rose Mirror – Teal
Desert Rose Pouf
Desert Rose Table – Aqua
Desert Rose Table – White
Desert Rose Wall Accent – Navy
Desert Rose Wall Accent – Pink
Desert Rose Wall Accent – Teal
Desert Rose Wall Accent – White

Granola – Zohra Fountain. Red.

Mesh Plants 

Hanging Fern
Wall Fern Plant

Dysfunctionality – Hatched Paper Lanterns

Dust Bunny – Elephant Ear Plant

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