Featuring ViSion and Lyrium

I am still fighting this “blankity blank” cold but I am feeling better.  I’m blowing my poor nose every 2 minutes but at least things are improving.  I even sat outside a bit with the dogs and the sun felt great…and then I started looking around at all the outside yard work/gardening things I want to do and that took away a bit from the relaxation I was feeling moments before.  C’est la vie!  It will all get done when it gets done.

Today I am featuring a cute and sexy bikini from ViSion.  It is the Tiffany Bikini and it comes in 25 colors plus bonus content in the fatpack.   You do get 2 versions with single colors, solid satin and dots.  A hud is included that allows you to customize all of the metal and beadwork as well.  You can get yours at Uber.

I am also featuring a new pose set from Lyrium.  This one comes from the Tewair Static series which includes 5 static poses plus mirrors.  You can find it at Dubai Event.  Happy shopping!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Jenna

Bikini – ViSion –  Tiffany Bikini Uber


*Private Residence*


Lyrium – Tewair Static Series – Pose 5 @ Dubai Event 

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