Churros…Cheaper Than Therapy!

Featuring InsurreKtion

I know it’s not good to eat your “feelings” on a regular basis but sometimes a special snack will work wonders on my attitude!  Feeling like a little pick me up?  Then head over to Ebento and check out the new release from InsurreKtion.  This is the La Churreria gacha set and it is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  It’s is exactly the kind of gacha I love too, in that all of the pieces are great and you don’t need the entire set for the pieces to make sense.  So go ahead…grab a few or shoot for the set.  There are 14 different items, 3 of which are rares.  Enjoy!



InsurreKtion @ Ebento

[IK] La Churreria – A lot of churros
[IK] La Churreria – Basket of churros
[IK] La Churreria – Chocolate bottle A
[IK] La Churreria – Chocolate bottle B
[IK] La Churreria – Chocolate on the go
[IK] La Churreria – Churro sandwiches
[IK] La Churreria – Dip the churro
[IK] La Churreria – Glaced churros box
[IK] La Churreria – Heart churros
[IK] La Churreria – It’s not shushi
[IK] La Churreria – Just churros
[IK] La Churreria – Mini churros
[IK] La Churreria – Mug with churros A
[IK] La Churreria – Mug with churros B
[IK] La Churreria – Pretzel churros
[IK] La Churreria – Rainbow churros


The Hacienda – Curtain
The Hacienda – Welcome Mat

BamPu Legacies

Hacienda Saguaro Cactus & Mexican Basket
Hacienda Yucca Plant w/ Yellow Flower+Mexican Basket

Armonia Decor – Table Bar Mexicano (Ethnic)


Cuba Building -2- Blue
Cuba Building -3- Yellow

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