Silk Market

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

This girl is a very happy camper these days.  If you read/follow my blog you know I am a pretty big Disney fan, Disney World in particular.  It is truly my happy spot and words just can’t describe how I feel when I am there.  If you are a Disney fan, maybe you know what I mean. 

I have over 25 trips under my belt and become obsessed with the planning of the trip in the months leading up to it.  Which park, which days?  Where do we want to eat? Which behind the scenes tour do we want to do…so many details.  My last planned trip was about 4 years ago.  It was paid in full including airfare and I had less than 30 days on my countdown….and then I found out I had cancer…again.  So of course I had to cancel that trip and was pretty gutted about it…..stupid cancer!

Well, I am so excited to say that I have finally booked my next trip.  My hubby is not a real fan so this is going to be an all girls trip with my best friend of 45 years, my daughter and her best friend.  It is a long way off (Fall 2022) as we wanted everything to have time to return to “normal” operating conditions but that is fine with me.  The planning is almost as fun as being there!

All of that being said, this photo was inspired by the Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot. There is a quaint covered marketplace that has all kinds of interesting trinkets, clothing, vases, hand knotted rugs, pretty glass lanterns and more.

My featured item is the Mandala Ceiling Tapestry from DaD Virtual Living.  They are available in seven colors and each includes 3 sheets with different designs.  There is also a fatpack available.  You can find them at Anthem.  Have a great weekend!



DaD Virtual Living

Mandala Ceiling Tapestry A @ Anthem
Mandala Ceiling Tapestry B @ Anthem
Mandala Ceiling Tapestry C @ Anthem
NoHo Rugs @ Anthem
Byron Hanging Chair
Nobu Composition


[IK] Desert Plants – Big Agave
[IK] Desert Plants – Big Succulent
[IK] Desert Plants – Hanging Ivy
[IK] Desert Plants – Olive

Dust Bunny 

Elephant Ear Plant
Guiana Chestnut Tree
Potted Dragon Tree
Potted Sago Palm

Old World

OW Basket of silk v3
OW Basket of silk v4
OW Set of baskets of silk v2

hive – Kentia Palm Plant


Backdrop – PALETO – Amizmiz

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