Worth The Climb

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

I am sure we have all seen the memes on Facebook of a cozy little cottage or cabin tucked away in nature that asks if you would stay there a week or more, or for some specified amount of cash with the kicker being there is no internet.  Now, I don’t know about you all but I am definitely not so obsessed with the internet that I would turn it down.  Hell, you wouldn’t even have to pay me any cash.  It would be like a vacation!  Preferably there is a pool in the back yard or at least a good swimmin’ hole near by! 

This photo was a bit inspired by my mamaw’s house deep in the hills of Kentucky.  There was always plenty of seating, a swing on either porch and an old wringer washer on the back porch that was always put to good use when we visited.  All that’s missing is the old smokehouse and a few old hounds.  It sat on the side of a mountain, up in a holler and was definitely worth the climb.  She passed many years ago but the house is still in the family and though it has been many years since I have been there, the memories will never leave me.

I am featuring several items from DaD Virtual Living in this post.  Check the credits for all the details!



DaD Virtual Living

DaD “Hampton Cottage”
DaD “Hamptons fence
DaD “Hamptons modular deck”
DaD “Spring Flavors Rocking Chair”
DaD – Blowing Curtain B
DaD – Climbing Ivy
DaD DESIGN “Weather Vanes”

{Old Barn Door}

Country Porch Swing – Pillow/Blanket
Lagoon Shelf [Natural]

Apple Fall – Straw Broom

The Artist Shed – Country Planter Bushel Basket

Granola – Tallulah Tire Swing

Muniick – Antique Wringer Style Washing Machine

Mesh Plants – Climbing Rose – White

Heart Garden Center 

Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace

junk. – High Back Bench

Pilot – Bird Apartments


Filler Bush – Green
Young Birch – 2 Trees


HPMD* Cliff Hill – Flower
HPMD* WildGrasses Green

The Little Branch – Weeping Willow V2 Animated

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