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Featuring Soul2Soul

So awhile back reBourne released the house shown here (reBourne Casa Blanca) and it was half off for the first couple of days…maybe a week.  I don’t remember because even though I loved it I was not in the need for a beach house and I am something of a house hoarder anyway so I resisted.  Clearly that was a mistake because I ended up buying it about 4 weeks ago, long after the sale was over.  I plopped it down on our beach and there is sat.  I did manage to get the outside decor done fairly quickly but the inside sat empty…and sat..and sat…and sat!

Between RL work and SL blogging I just could not quite get into the mood to decorate and for me, if it is going to be my actual SL home, I have to be in the mood to do the decorating.  As I mentioned in a recent post, I recently cut my blogging sponsors almost in half and though I miss them, it is working out much better.  In fact, once I see how this new routine works out I may be able to add 2/3 of them back.  Right now I am just enjoying the breather and Second Life is not just ALL blogging now.  Granted my RL hubby doesn’t come in much anymore but he still likes to have a home to come in to. 

So, getting to the point, I am glad I took my time and didn’t rush the decorating because this new set from Soul2Soul fits the main room perfectly.  This is one of those rare times when the scene won’t be coming down after the photo is taken.  This is the Piccadilly Modular Collection and it is available at The Liaison Collaborative.  The sofa comes in different sections and can be arranged in endless ways.  The set also includes a lamp, hanging light, side table, vase and decorative balls.  A texture menu is available on touch for most all of the pieces and of course great bento animations are included in the sofa sections.  Be sure to check out The Liaison Collaborative this round!  Lots of goodies!  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



Soul2Soul  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Piccadilly Balls Deco
Piccadilly Lamp
Piccadilly Light
Piccadilly Side Table
Piccadilly Sofa Centre
Piccadilly Sofa Corner
Piccadilly Sofa Pouf w/Blankets
Piccadilly Vase and Fluffy Twigs

Lucas Lameth

Laser Cut Screen, Arabian V1 (Beige)
Ficus Potted Tree V2


Tuesdays Medium Chub Candle
Tuesdays Short Chub Candle
Tuesdays Skinny Chub Candle
Tuesdays Tall Chub Candle


Antibes Old Books Row Tropical Version
Home Sundry Floor Cushions
Kess Corner Unit & Clutter . Mini Pouf Fur

Dust Bunny 

areca palm plant
elephant ear plant
potted palm
potted sago palm
water garden . driftwood bowl

22769 – Pipe and Ashtray

:HAIKEI: – Put the blue sky Rug (gacha)

reBourne – Casa Blanca

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