Featuring Serenity Style, What Next and InsurreKtion

This is yet another scene that won’t be getting torn down after the photo is taken.  The hubby and I condensed our three other parcels into one homestead so I am trying to do double duty by decorating and blogging what I’m decorating.  Let me tell you about my featured items.

The Mediterranean Porch from Serenity Style fits in perfectly with our reBourne house and made a perfect outdoor seating space at one end of the house.  The set is available at Uber and includes the lamps, baskets and demijohn bottles.  

Included in the scene is the Wild Cabinet from InsurreKtion.  It is texture change allowing you to choose from seven exotic finishes.  I used the tiger print here and other options include, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, ostrich and more.  A beautiful addition to my room and any sort of jungle/tropical/deserted island space.  You can find it at the main store.

What jungle/tropical/deserted island space is complete without plants?!  Here I have a wide variety from What Next.  The House Plant set is a set of 6 different plants and you get each variety in a potted version or in a plant stand version.  The pot is also texture change so you can choose solid colors or patterns to suit your space.  Plants work everywhere and these are low prim beauties.  You can find them at the main store.



Serenity Style @ Uber

Serenity Style- Mediterranean Lamp
Serenity Style- Mediterranean Porch
Serenity Style- Mediterranean Porch – Basket 1
Serenity Style- Mediterranean Porch – Basket 2
Serenity Style- Mediterranean Porch – Demijohn 1
Serenity Style- Mediterranean Porch – Demijohn 2

{What Next}

House Plant – Agave
House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
House Plant – Rubber Tree
Picture Gallery Frames (Classic)
Pothos Plant (small)
Pothos Plant (trailing)
Snake Plant
Snake Plant (stand)
Swiss Cheese Plant
Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)

InsurreKtion – Wild Cabinet

Mesh PlantsHanging Fern

.:revival:. – Sisal Rug Flourish

Dust Bunny – Quirky Planter 4 – Elephant

EVHAH – Solary Couch

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