Thar Be Danger Ahead Matey!

Featuring Serenity Style

I love when things happen with perfect timing!  I believe I mentioned that we had made the move and traded in 3 of our parcels for a homestead.  Many of my recent photos have been taken at various spots around the land, some being designed just for the photo but most sticking around at least in part.  I have designed what is basically a lazy river around the property and there is a section that goes through a cave with a waterfall at either end.  It worked out perfect for this photo though I tweaked it for the photo and made it less tropical and gave it a more overgrown feeling.

Of course there was some Disney inspiration involved in the whole thing as I was reminded of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction thanks to the name of my featured item.  This is the Port Royal Dock from Serenity Style.  It will be available for Wanderlust Weekend which starts tomorrow, June 12th and ends on June 13th so don’t dilly dally…or you’ll be walkin’ the plank…Arrrrr!

Have a great weekend!



Serenity Style –  Port Royal Dock

{What Next} – Waterfront Motor Boat

Studio Skye

Skye Cave Torch Master
Creeper Vine
Skye Cave System
Skye Waterfall Water

HPMD – Dust Floating on Water

The Little Branch – River Mangrove

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