How To Relax – Chapter One

Featuring KOPFKINO

“Reading brings us unknown friends.”

– Honoré de Balzac

Rooms with angled walls/windows are hard to decorate…in Second Life and real life!  During my elementary and high school days I lived in a beautiful old farmhouse (which my mother still lives in) where the entire upstairs was just two rooms.  There is a small alcove that opens up to the large main room.  It is so big that back then it easily fit two double beds, two dressers, a vanity and a  stereo/record player & speakers (and back then those were huge).  Luckily it fit all of that because I shared it with my sister who is just a couple of years older than me so add clothes, shoes and all of the other things two teenage girls have lying around.  

In that room, it is the side walls that are angled and the windows are on the flat wall.  Just a couple of feet below the windows is the section of roof that overlooks the beautiful porch that runs the full length of the house.  At the corner of that roofline there is a huge oak tree that is over 200 years old and great for climbing.  That made it perfect for late night “sneak-outs”….not that I ever did that…(coughs).  Moving right along…

Today my featured items are from KOPFKINO.  This is the Blum Sofa Set which is available at the main store and the fatpack is in the marketplace as well.  It comes in 3 colors and includes table decor, floor lamp , ottoman table and of course the sofa.  It has lovely animations for males, females and couple cuddles.  The fatpack is a great value and offers the ability for a bunch of mixing and matching of pieces.  Have a great day!




Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes
Blum Floor Lamp – Copper
Blum Ottoman Table – Creme
Blum Sofa – Creme

Fancy Decor

Pressed Flowers
Pressed Flowers B
Pressed Flowers C
Printemps Rug

Nutmeg – Round Table

Wine Caddy
Wine Glass Decor

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Stacked Magazines
Apple Fall Wild Thistles

Dust Bunny

Potted Dragon Tree
Potted Palm

Sycamore Decor – Driftwood Sailboats V2

Foxwood – Little Bear Pom

Jian – Vellum Candles

KraftWork – Winchester Spring Collection . Shelf A

LISP  – Mesh – Jacob Bookcase with books

BellaRose Designs – Glass Dome Pendant Lamp

{vespertine} – Spring Rainy Days Skybox

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