Summer In Full Swing

Featuring THOR, Ariskea, KraftWork, Pilot, TROPIX, Commoner, Andika, FNY Designs, CELESTE and Duvet Day

Well, the title says it all.  Summer is in full swing in Second Life.  This post is packed with everything summer, summer, summer and that is no surprise since Summerfest started yesterday and the new round of The Liaison Collaborative is also full of great summer items.  There is too much to go over individually so just check the credits for the details and be sure to check out both of these events and be on the look out for more posts that will include more great things from both events.

Summer is calling!!  Will you answer?



THOR @ Summerfest ’21

..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Aqua
..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Coal/Stripes
..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Coral/Stripes
..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Sky
..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Sky/Stripes
..::THOR::.. Vintage Beach Hut – Yellow

Ariskea – [Flamigo] Flamingo Decor[2] @ Summerfest ’21

KraftWork @ Summerfest ’21

Beach Clutter
Champagne Tray
Cotton Bench
Outdoor Table
Simple Glass

TROPIX @ Summerfest ’21

TROPIX // Surf House Set – Annotation board
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Beach ball
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Bookshelf
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Dark Beach Fence
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Life Buoy
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Metal cabinet with reminders Yellow
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Sign Destinations
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Sing Surfing Only
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Surf House
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Surfboard
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Surfboard Rack
TROPIX // Surf House Set – Trophy Shelf
TROPIX // Surf House Set – beach stones 01
TROPIX // Surf House Set – beach stones 02
TROPIX // Surf House Set – beach stones 03
TROPIX // Surf House Set – beach stones 05
TROPIX // Surf House Set – beach stones 07

PILOT @ Summerfest ’21

PILOT – Lips Inflatable [Red]
PILOT – Lips Inflatable [Rose’]

[Commoner] – Retro Cooler / Yellow @ Summerfest ’21

Andika – [Ron Ron Beer] Dispenser – Bucket/Blue @ Summerfest ’21

FNY Designs The Liaison Collaborative

:FNY: Designs – Sandcastle & Beach Toys
:FNY: Designs – Seagull Picking
:FNY: Designs – Seagull Spread

CELESTE – Branch String Lights – Straight The Liaison Collaborative

Duvet Day – Beach Chair Classic The Liaison Collaborative

Sway’s – [Shell] beach shells (cluster)

Serenity Style – Wooden Path

MudHoney– Blaire Beach Towel

Las Islas 

LasIslas Naimesh EmeraldGrass
LasIslas Naimesh Naupaka A Animated

Mesh Plants – Frangipani Rubra – Pink

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms Leaning

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