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There is no greater
luxury than


Can you believe this entire photo, aside from the rug and background structure, is done using items from just two different creators?  That almost never happens with decor blogging!!

Up first is the Bamboo Room Divider from DaD Virtual Living.  These are just beautiful and are definitely staying out at my SL home.  The textures are perfect.  They come in a few different shapes, with or without lighting and extra climbing plants if you need extras or want to place them yourself.  You can find them at Summerfest!

Next up are multiple new releases from Soul2Soul.  First is the Artisan Fire Pit and Log Holder which is available at the main store as part of the Evolve hop around event.  With just a click you can change textures on both pieces which happen to exactly match the color options on the Seville Orangery set.

The Seville Orangery set includes the rattan pieces, orange trees and orange juice decor and has put me quite in the mood for breakfast!  You can find the Seville Orangery set at The Liaison Collaborative. 

Finally we have the Artisan Lanterns.  The Artisan Lanterns are a new release available at the main store.  You get the small, medium and large lanterns in a fatpack.  They feature a flickering candle and four metal options with just a click. You can also get a set of blue lanterns, the ones I have used in my photo, as a gift for the SL18B Shop and Hop birthday event….which I still need to get to!  You will also find other select items on sale at the event.

Check the credits for all of the details and event landmarks and happy shopping!




Seville Orangery Set @The Liaison Collaborative

Seville Orangery Fruit Blossom Decor
Seville Orangery Juice Drink
Seville Orangery Juice Jug
Seville Orangery Rattan Coffee Table
Seville Orangery Rattan Pot Orange Tree
Seville Orangery Rattan Pouf w/Blankets
Seville Orangery Rattan Pouf
Seville Orangery Rattan Sofa
Seville Orangery Stone Pot Sapling Tree

Artisan Fire Pit & Log Holder for Evolve @ Soul2Soul

Artisan Lanterns

Gift Version – as shown in photo @ SL18B
New Release Fatpack Version @ Soul2Soul

DaD Virtual Living – Bamboo Room Divider @ Summerfest ’21

{What Next} – Diamonds Rug – Natural

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