Summer Nights In The City

Featuring Crocodoggle, Junk Food, Serenity Style, Short Leash, {What Next}, Nomad and Schadenfreude

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I have MORE from Summerfest and The Liaison Collaborative.  I have done several posts of the past few days and have featured a lot from both events but there is SO much more to be seen.  I hope you are checking out other blogs or at least the Flickr groups for these events.  Sometimes seeing how others use things will give you a fresh new idea.  I have a lot to list so let me get on with that and then get my work out of the way so I can enjoy my own little pool!



NOMAD – Inflatable Pool – Rainbow @ Summerfest ’21

PILOT @ Summerfest ’21

Ceramic Flamingo – Pink Lady
Ceramic Flamingo – Pink Gentleman

Schadenfreude – Cans Portable Mini Fridge @ Summerfest ’21

Serenity Style 

Crazy Summer Backdrop Melted Ice Cream The Liaison Collaborative
Crazy Summer Backdrop Melted Popsicle The Liaison Collaborative
Sady Vintage Record Player

{What Next}

Caliente BBQ (purple)
Caliente BBQ (yellow)
Caliente BBQ Plate Decor – Burger Plate (melon)
Caliente BBQ Plate Decor – Kebabs & Corn Plate – decor only (lime)

Crocodoggle The Liaison Collaborative

[CD] Soho Record Stand
[CD] Soho Speaker

Short Leash The Liaison Collaborative

Sun Worship Lounger
Sun Worship Sidetable

Junk Food

Snow Cone Cart The Liaison Collaborative
Junk Food – Burger Platter
Junk Food – Hot Dog Platter
Junk Food – Ketchup
Junk Food – Mustard


Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Fruity
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Kiwi
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Orange
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Watermelon
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel flat . Fruity


JIAN Splashy Spaniels 16. Liver Swimmer (does not include mask)
JIAN Splashy Spaniels 21. Brit Gold Held

tiptoes – Beachy Days – Lil Fishy Swim Mask – Seaweed (worn on Jian Spaniel)

Danger Gum – Old Ice Machine 

Construct – Mesh Picnic Table with Cloth – 1 li LI:1

Granola – Salt Water Monstera Float

Refuge – Neon Palm Tree

SINCHI – Soda Cup 

[CIRCA] – “Miami Sun” Party Twist Light – Ocean w/ Projectors

Soy. Skybox [My Roof Top Life ] Main Penthouse 

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