Bloom Where You Are Planted

Featuring Sari-Sari and Industrus

As soon as I saw these new Booty Pots from Sari-Sari I knew what I wanted to do for the photo.  A couple of years ago I did a post with almost the exact same title but it was so perfect for this post that I am using it again.  I also think a reminder of the meaning of the the phrase is always a good thing. 

I am an optimist so I always try to find the good in all things…people, situations and even problems and I do my best to be happy and keep a positive attitude.  It’s not always easy of course but I can tell you it is a whole lot better than never feeling happy or satisfied in the moment.  I have seen people spend their days chasing some illusive thing that they think will make everything better but never pausing to count their blessings in the moment.  That has to be both exhausting and disappointing.  As for me I will continue to do my best to be happy in the moment and always look for the silver lining…life is too short to do otherwise!

Back to the featured items, the Booty Pots are from Sari-Sari and are available at The Warehouse Sale.  There are two different styles in two different shades of the terracotta pot.  You can buy them individually or as a fatpack.  They are also 20% off for the duration of the event so grab them while they are on sale!

I am also featuring the Basement Hangout Skybox from Industrus.  It was also perfect for my photo and actually brought back memories of when my ex husband and I tackled our own unfinished basement.  We had just had our house built, handling all the contracting ourselves and doing what work we could ourselves and we were about out of building money.  While we didn’t get to finish it exactly how we wanted, we “bloomed where we were planted” and it still turned out great and I have wonderful memories of parties, watching scary movies and playing hide and go seek in the dark in that basement.  The Basement Hideout is available at The Liaison Collaborative and you can head over and check out the demo in person. 

Have a great Monday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Chill

Shirt – Addams – Lexy Sleeveless T-Shirt

Shorts – Mossu  – Samantha Shorts – Grunge


Sari-Sari  @ The Warehouse Sale

 Hoya Pubicalyx (Booty Pot)
Monstera Adansonii (Booty Pot)

INDUSTRUS – Basement Hangout Skybox The Liaison Collaborative

tarte. – Stepladder (Painted)

The Black Forest – Cardboard Box

Dby Mesh – Cardboard Box


FOXCITY – Stairs (Sitting) – Pose 3

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