Welcome To Fantasy Island

Featuring DaD Virtual Living, Consignment and  Konoha

I’m going to date myself here but I loved Fantasy Island…no, not the 1998 revival but the original series that ran from 1977 – 1984.  It came on right after Love Boat, which I also loved.  While doing a little research work for the photo I found that the entire series is available to watch on Tubi.  Talk about a blast from the past!  Anyhoo….let’s get on with the photo details.

The inspiration for the idea of the picture is this Private Jet Hideout from Consignment.  The real “fantasy” is that it actually has a hidden beach scene on the interior complete with sand, pillows and beach umbrella and it has you surrounded by stars and even the moon.  There are single and cuddle animations and you can even seat yourself in the pilot seat.  You can find it at Summerfest.  Definitely go and take a peek on the inside.

Next up is the gorgeous Les Memoires Tropical Vibes Set from DaD Virtual Living. The pieces are available individually or as a set and it comes in PG and Adult versions.  There is a HUD for the sofa with beautiful texture options also.  You can find the set/pieces at the current round of Uber.

Last but not least, and adding a beautiful pop of color to all of my greenery, are these Nelumbo Ness Lotus flowers from Konoha.  They come in several arrangements, singles to clusters, straight and curved and are texture change on touch to a large choice of colors.  I love these and they are definitely finding a permanent spot among my landscaping at home.  You can find them at The Liaison Collaborative.

Have a great day!



Consignment – Private Jet Hideout @ Summerfest ’21

DaD Virtual Living Uber

DaD “Kentia Palm in stone pot Short”
DaD “Kentia Palm in stone pot Tall”
DaD “Les Memoires Clock table”
DaD “Les Memoires Covered Sofa”

Konoha – Nelumbo Ness Lotus @ The Liaison Collaborative

Dust Bunny

Coconut Drink
Pineapple Drink
Tropical Delights – Watermelon Slices

The Beachstore – Tropical Plants

Serenity Style – Wooden Path

Studio Skye – Skye Twin Palm

Las Islas – Naimesh Naupaka 

The Little Branch – WildGrass Dry

{anc} – Garden Wood Gazebo

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