Find Beauty Everywhere

Featuring DaD Virtual Living

If you truly love nature, you
will find beauty everywhere.

– Vincent van Gogh

I was so excited to see this new release from DaD Virtual Living.  It is another release in the Positano line.  There has been a farmhouse, a barn and now here is the Positano Mansion…and now I am going to have to watch Under The Tuscan Sun yet again.  That is not a complaint mind you because I love that movie but the Positano pieces always remind me of it.

This house is two stories, has nice large rooms, open windows, beautiful balconies, gorgeous tile and wood flooring and just beautiful textures everywhere.  You must go see it in person and you can do that at FaMESHed!

Happy Friday and to my readers in the USA, have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!!



DaD Virtual Living – Positano Mansion @ FaMESHed

.peaches. – Emberly Fall Bench w/ Blanket

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Forever My Dove Wall Fountain

The Little Branch

Elm Shrub.v2{Animated}4Seasons
River Birch Shrub{Animated}*4Seasons
Wild Berry Shrub{Animated}*4Seasons

Heart Garden Center

Heart – Hollyhocks – Group – Yellow Orange
Heart – Hollyhocks – Orange
Heart – Wild Flowers – Queen Ann’s Lace

Studio Skye 

Skye Four Season Oak Tree
Skye River Set P1 Straight
Skye Waterfall Water

HPMD – Cliff Hill Flower


Bella Flower Patch – Daisy
Filler Bush Green
Young Birch

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