Featuring .peaches., brocante. and Harshlands

Need a little piece and quiet after all the fireworks?  I know I do!  They were still going strong last night but I am sure that was because many people were still off work for the observed holiday.  Today it is back to business though.

This little scene I have built is a perfect spot for some peace and quiet. I am featuring a couple of items from Summerfest which will be wrapping up in a few days so make sure you pay another visit and grab what you may have missed.  I also have an item from The Liaison Collaborative which will also be closing in a few days.  Both events were full of great summer things!  All the details are in the credits!  Have a great day!



Harshlands – Old Tower Ruin – Regular @ The Liaison Collaborative

.peaches. @ Summerfest ’21

.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Candle Sticks
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Chanti
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Summer Blanket
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Table
.peaches. Kiska Summer Picnic – Wine Glass

brocante. – Breezy Hammock – Teak @ Summerfest ’21

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms (Leaning, Groves & Queen)


(Fundati) Basjoo Banana Tree
(Fundati) NEW Cobble Stone Wall

Fancy Decor – Model Ship

Fourth Wall – Multi-Texture Rock

Las Islas – Naimesh Naupaka 

Mesh Plants – Hibiscus Red

Cube Republic – Juncus Spiralis Purple

Landscaping by Felix – Torch w/ Light

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