When Love Calls Your Name

Featuring Capsule by DaD and KOPFKINO

When love calls your name
And whispers you’re the one
When all you’ve ever dreamed
Dances like stars around your heart

And finally I hold the chance
To give you all my love
So what’s keeping me
Away from holding you

I’m ready to believe
Be strong enough
Give everything I am
And trust in love

My arms long to reach for you
The way I feel I wish you knew
I’m ready now, I’m ready to believe
Ooh, I’m ready for love

Ready for Love – Kelly Sweet

My mind was full of fond memories while working on this photo.  Those lyrics are from a song I first heard at Japan Tempura Island where I used to go dancing years ago with my Second Life hubby…who is now my real life hubby.  We lived in different states back then and spent a lot of time dancing there.  We both have the music loop that played saved as a Spotify playlist.  I had not listened to it in a long time but did so while working on this photo.  It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

Today I am featuring a new gacha set from Capsule by DaD that will be available at The Epiphany which opens tonight at 10:00 PM SLT.  The Say Yes! Collection has a bunch of items up for grabs…long dresses, short dresses, gloves and shoes and all in a variety of colors.  There will be a fatpack available if you just gotta have it all…excluding the exclusive item.  Be sure to go check it out later this evening when the event opens.

The perfect decor for my photo comes from KOPFKINO.  These are pieces from the Miss Vanity gacha collection.  There are nine pieces to collect, one of which is a rare.  All of the pieces are beautifully detailed in vintage style.  So feminine and romantic.  You can find this gacha at the main store.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Karol

Dress – Capsule by DaD – Say Yes! – Long Dress White RARE @ The Epiphany

Gloves – Capsule by DaD – Say Yes! – Exclusive Gloves @ The Epiphany

Veil – Entice – One & Only Veil

Headpiece – LaGyo – Primrose Beauty Mask



KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Bag and Shoes white
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Brush Tray
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Bust
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Creams Tray
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Divider
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Dressing Table
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Frame and Apple
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Macarons VIP
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Mannequin Corset
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Mannequin Dress
KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity – Seat

{What Next}

Provence Floor Cushion
Chloe Sheer Curtains (lights)


*LODE* Decor – Diana Bottle with Flower [pink]
*LODE* Decor – Geranium Pot [light pink]

Elm. – Talia Light Bulb

Dust Bunny & Consignment – Florence Bedroom Rug

Scarlet Creative – Grace Cottage Revisited


Lyrium – Anna Static Series – Pose 4 (also available in breathing animations)

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