Home Is Where The Waves Are

Featuring Soul2Soul

Shells sink,
Dreams float,
Life’s good
On our boat.

– Jimmy Buffet –

I had recently purchased this new houseboat from Trompe Loeil to use as a guest house of sorts on our  homestead and with perfect timing, Soul2Soul released some new things that were exactly what I was looking for.  I am featuring a combination of three new releases here, the Penzance Patio Modular Set, the Penzance Patio Lounge Set and the Penzance Plants Set.

The Patio Modular Set includes sofa pieces that can be arranged to fit your needs, coffee table, lantern, wooden bowl and vases.  The lounge set includes chairs, side table, candle and bud vase and the plant pack includes three highly detailed plants with texture changing options.  All of the main furniture pieces include texture options on touch as well.  Beautiful work from Soul2Soul as usual!  Items are available at The Liaison Collaborative and Shiny Shabby so check the credits to find landmarks for each set.  Have a great day!




Penzance Patio Modular Set @The Liaison Collaborative

Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Corner
Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Left
Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Mid
Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Mid w/Throw
Soul2Soul. Penzance Modular Sofa. Right
Soul2Soul. Penzance Lantern
Soul2Soul. Penzance Coffee Table
Soul2Soul. Penzance Vases
Soul2Soul. Penzance Wooden Bowl

Penzance Patio Lounge Set @ Shiny Shabby

Soul2Soul. Penzance Bud Vase
Soul2Soul. Penzance Candle
Soul2Soul. Penzance Side Table
Soul2Soul. Penzance Lounge Chai
Soul2Soul. Penzance Lounge Chair w/cushion

Penzance Plants Set @ Shiny Shabby

Soul2Soul. Penzance Bird-of-Paradise Palm
Soul2Soul. Penzance Curculigo Plant
Soul2Soul. Penzance Snake Plant

Soul2Soul. BohoChic Rug Boho


Granola. Tatiana Bar Shaker. Bronze.
Granola. Tatiana Martini Dispenser. Bronze.
Granola. Tatiana Martini Display. Bronze.
Granola. Tatiana Martini Tray. Bronze.
Granola. Tatiana Olive Bowl. Bronze.
Granola. Tatiana Swizzle Sticks. Bronze.


KraftWork Seaside Shed . Messy Rug
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Mini Lighthouse
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Mini Wicker Boat
KraftWork Seaside Shed . Seaside Books

tarte. –  Boho Curtain (sunshine)

hive – Bakers Ceiling Fan Silver

Trompe Loeil Jocosa Modern Houseboat @ Collabor88

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