Southern Living

Featuring KOPFKINO and {Old Barn Door}

The living may be “southern” but the food appears to be Italian!  Honestly my brain has been a bit scrambled for the past few days and I stole the title from the Southern Living magazine on my desk.  I will be going out of state in early August to take care of some business and medical stuff for my mother who is 85.  I will be very happy to see her, my daughter, my best friend of 45+ years and other family.  While I certainly wouldn’t call it a vacation, we will certainly make the best of it.

Today I am featuring a beautiful new gacha from KOPFKINO.  This is the Mediterranean Kitchen gacha which is currently at the birthday round of The Epiphany.  The gacha contains 15 commons and one rare and there is a special refrigerator design as the event Exclusive item.  If you don’t want to try your luck you can also buy the set as a fatpack.  The Epiphany will close on August 12th.

I am also featuring a new shelf from Old Barn Door.  The Iconic Farmhouse Shelf includes two versions and is copy and mod in case you would like to use it without the wire baskets.  The second included version features cute little seashell plaques hanging from the hooks.  You can find it at the main store or on the marketplace.

Have a great day!



KOPFKINO @ The Epiphany

KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Counter RARE
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Cooker 
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Dishes
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Fridge 
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Her stool
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – His Stool
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Olive Oil & Garlic
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Pan & Spoons
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Shelf long
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Shelf short
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Spice Jars
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Spoon Jar
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Wall Cabinet
KOPFKINO – Mediterranean Kitchen – Wine Island

{Old Barn Door} – Iconic Farmhouse Shelf

Apple Fall 

Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles
Apple Fall Straw Broom
West Village Seeded Bread & Beefsteak Tomatoes


KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Book Holder
KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Chicken&Eggs
KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Plate Display
KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Table Fruit Basket


ACORN Sink Brush Jug
ACORN Sink Plug
ACORN Sink Plug -Copper
ACORN Soap Dish Jug
ACORN Soap Dish Jug -Blush
ACORN Vintage Style Dish Rack


Muniick- Coraline Soap Dispenser
Muniick- Wickman Animal Sounds Sign
Muniick- Wickman Budding Flowers in Tin Pitcher
Muniick- Wickman Ceramic Coffee Mug & Saucers Stack
Muniick- Wickman Ceramic Dinner Plate Stack
Muniick- Wickman Ceramic Soup Bowl Stack
Muniick- Wickman Farmhouse Kitchen Hand Towels

Dust Bunny

Kitchen Clutter . Potted Herbs . Basil
Pasta Love . Grocery Basket
Pasta Love . Spaghetti & Meatballs Pot

hive – Macramé Hanging Plant – Neutrals 

Heart Garden Center – Wildflowers Hydrangea Blue

*PAN* – Basic Butter Churn

BROKEN ARROWS – Industrial Light – Worn

Barley – Raleigh Cannister

DaD Virtual Living – Blue Hydrangea

Granola – Singing Bowl. Uber B-day Gift.

The Little Branch – Black Oak Tree {Animated} 4 Seasons

OPI – Overlapped Curtain Voile 2

Pitaya – Round Rug – Old Blue

[keke] – White Potted Flower

Barnesworth Anubis – Lakeside Cottage (modified)

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