Play Ball!

Featuring Soul2Soul and Sari-Sari

Play ball!  That is a line the umpire usually yells before a baseball game but maybe if we could look at exercise as “play” it may make it more fun.  Yes, I know…fun and exercise are two words not usually associated with each other.  Years ago, before my knee decided it had had enough, my daughter and I used to play Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation with dual floor pads.  Now THAT was fun exercise!  These days I have to stick to walking, dancing around the house or an occasional short bike ride if the weather allows.  Finding something you enjoy means you are much more likely to stick with it!  

Today I am featuring a workout decor and animation set from Sari-Sari.  The set includes dumbells, storage for all your equipment, a stability ball and a workout mat with original bento animations for both males and females.  The animations are great!  They are smooth and really well done.  You can find the At Home Workout at Anthem.

I am also featuring some great potted plants from Soul2Soul.  These are the Phormium Planters and you get two per set (large and small).  The pot is menu driven with two textures and the plant comes in your choice of eight colors.  They are on sale for the Popup 99L Mainstore Week by Tres Chic, going on now thru the 12th!  Don’t miss it!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – K0525

Top –  Vinyl Apparel – 20/20 Cami

Pants – Blueberry – Cake Leggings


Sari-Sari @ Anthem

Sari-Sari – Dumbbells
Sari-Sari – Home Gym Storage
Sari-Sari – Stability Ball
Sari-Sari – Workout Mat


Soul2Soul. Phormium Planter Large
Soul2Soul. Phormium Planter Small

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