Alone But Not Lonely

Featuring InsurreKtion and KraftWork

There are times when
alone is the best place to be.


Well…as the title says, I am alone but not lonely this weekend.  My husband left yesterday to drive my stepson back to his home in Virginia, after having spent the summer with us.  I always feel a bit guilty that I am a wee bit excited to have my life fall back into its usual routine.  I mean he is certainly no trouble at all and at age 16 spends a good bit of time playing PC games with friends and it was truly a blessing having him here to take care of the dogs during the day while I traveled to Michigan.  I am just a creature of habit…I know this about myself. 

On top of working just a few hours this weekend, I plan to binge watch something my husband would surely call “chicky”, get carryout from my favorite restaurant, clean up the house and mop floors (which I MUCH prefer to do when no one is around to inevitably need to walk across them while wet) and just enjoy the alone time.  There really are times when alone is the best place to be…for me, that time is right now.



InsurreKtion Cosmopolitan (Ends today)

[IK] Roughwood Set – Bowls
[IK] Roughwood Set – Decorated Planks
[IK] Roughwood Set – Door Lamp
[IK] Roughwood Set – Pile of Cushions
[IK] Roughwood Set – Plates
[IK] Roughwood Set – Saddlebag
[IK] Roughwood Set – Stool (Adult)
[IK] Roughwood Set – Table


KraftWork Innocent Provocateur
KraftWork Wall Branch Lamp @ The Liaison Collaborative
KraftWork Winchester Collection . Shelf A


Countryside Dream Tray
Lavish Lounge Chaise Ivory
Rustic Fence
Summer Bliss Drapes
Sunroom Clock

Heart Garden Center – Tall Buttercups

Muniick – Houseplant No7 Ficus A

OPI – Lace Valance

MINIMAL – Plant Collection Gacha #3

Hisa  – La maisonette D’Aurora

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