Dino-Mite Friends

Featuring Aleutia, BackBone and +Half-Deer+

Advice from a Dinosaur

Unearth your talents
Think big
Inspire wonder
Leave a lasting impression
Don’t get bogged down
It’s OK to be big-boned
Live everyday as if it were your last!

My featured items today are all from the Fifty Linden Friday 12th Birthday Bash.  It’s proving to be really, really popular which should come as no surprise.  Be patient and keep trying.  It is definitely becoming easier to get it and it is certainly worth the wait!

Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – I0528

PJ’s – [Aleutia]  – Paisley Pajama Top & Bottom – Solids @ Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash


BackBone – Dino Plushie – Purple @ Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash

+Half-Deer+ – Metal Storage Trunk @ Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash


Lyrium – Bento Sits Set 1 – Pose 6

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