Currently Pretending I’m At The Beach

Featuring Sari-Sari and Serenity Style

With the temps we are having here in Alabama I could sure use an ocean nearby.  I did get my little pool put back up and should have a good three days of using it.  Let me tell you about my featured items and then get out to my little pool and continue my pretending of being at the beach!

From Sari-Sari come the Beachside Rustic set.  It includes signs, towels a shelf and lanterns done in a rustic style and neutral tones.  One of the signs is a gift to celebrate the anniversary of The Warehouse Sale which is where you can find this set.  

I am also featuring two new releases from Serenity Style.  The first is the Kelly Adventure Tent which you can find at Uber.  It is the anniversary round of Uber and there is a hunt going on as well that takes place at the main stores of the participating creators.  I am also showing the Louisa Nature Set, a lovely seating and decor set that works perfect indoors or out.  You can find the Louisa set at Cosmopolitan.



Sari-Sari  @ The Warehouse Sale

Beach Surf Sign
Beach Towels on Wall
Bikini Point Sign
Rattan Lantern L
Rattan Lantern M
Rattan Wall Shelf with Lantern

Serenity Style 

Kelly Adventure Tent @ Uber
Lazy Carpet – Hunt item
Lazy Pouf – Hunt item

Louisa Nature Armchair 1 @ Cosmopolitan
Louisa Nature Armchair2 @ Cosmopolitan
Louisa Nature Books @ Cosmopolitan
Louisa Nature Bowl @ Cosmopolitan
Louisa Nature Table @ Cosmopolitan
Louisa Nature Vase of Daisies @ Cosmopolitan

Las Islas 

Naimesh Naupaka
Naimesh Emerald Grass

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms – Groves

8f8 – Driftwood Fence

LouChara – Brighton Beach Bag

Studio Skye – Skye Twin Palm

Evhah – Magazine

floorplan. – Chalkboard Door Divider / Ink

tarte. – Sand Letters (R, E, L, A, X)

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