Tea, Treats & Trunks

Featuring DaD Virtual Living and InsurreKtion

Well here we are at the end of August and I just bought my first bottle of Pumpkin Spice creamer!  I haven’t cracked it open yet and will hold off until September 1st but then I’m going to pretend it’s a big pile of autumn leaves and jump right in! *Laughs*  I am also ready to start on some autumn pictures filled with fall colors, hot chocolate, warm coffee, fuzzy sweaters and warm fires. We’re not there just yet though so let’s get to my featured items.  

From DaD Virtual Living we have the Maternal Love elephant decor piece.  It comes in three colors or a fatpack and works great on tables, shelves or even a plant stand as I have shown it here.  It made it’s debut at Anthem which ends today but will be available at the main store soon as well. Elephants in a room bring good luck and protection…I think we can all use a little of that!

I am also featuring the Tea Time in Dorne set from InsurreKtion.  This was originally released as a gacha and I am not sure yet what the creators plan is for their gachas.  I popped into the store but didn’t see anything regarding the status of gachas but they are all currently still available.  Hopefully they will be released as regular items for sale, either individually or as sets.  It seems such a waste of hard work to just remove them completely! 

Happy Monday!




[IK] Tea in Dorne – Baklava Plate
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Baklava Tower
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Harisa
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Katayef
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Lemon Cakes
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Lokum
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Mamul
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Red Dates
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Table
[IK] Tea in Dorne – Tea Set

DaD Virtual Living– Maternal Love – GoldAnthem


Cellar Bottle Opaque 1
Cellar Bottle Opaque 2
Cellar Bottle Opaque 3

LOVE – Bougainvillea

Apple Fall – Plant Stand – Tall, Bronze

Bdrop – Oriental Desert House – Green (Appears to be no longer available)

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