Autumn Sky

Featuring Old Barn Door

A couple of weeks ago I featured the Sycamore Barbecue & Dining Set from Old Barn Door and mentioned then that I would soon be blogging a second matching set.  Well, here it is!  This is the Sycamore Patio Set.  The set includes the pavilion, chair, sofa, table and other decor pieces (not all shown here).  It is full of great animations and texture options on the main sofa pillow and the rug.  You can see what I’ve used here in the credits and can see the full set in person at the Old Barn Door main store.



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Lagoon Books
{OBD} Sycamore Coffee Table 1
{OBD} Sycamore Jug
{OBD} Sycamore Patio Chair
{OBD} Sycamore Patio Rug
{OBD} Sycamore Patio Sofa
{OBD} Sycamore Pavilion w/ Plants

Lucas Lameth – Mexican Hot Chocolate Decor

Heart Garden Center 

Harmony Grass – Short – circle – Autumn
Harmony Wild Dandelions – TALL
Heart – WildFlowers – Campion – Yellow
Heart – WildGrasses – Blade Grass – Autumn
Heart – WildGrasses – Fescue – Autumn
Heart – Wildflowers – Bunchberry 2 – Autumn
Heart – Wildflowers – Echinacea – Harvest Moon 1 – Autumn

The Little Branch – American Chestnut

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Red Squirrel Running

Dysfunctionality – Swaying Leafy Bush

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