These Arms of Mine

Featuring Sari-Sari

As bloggers, our job is to showcase our sponsors creations in, hopefully, eye-catching photos.  Items need to be clearly visible, not pushed to the background or blurred.  Poses should only be slightly altered if at all and colors should not be changed in editing…goodness knows windlights can do that enough. 

All of that said, this photo is done in a much darker lighting than I ever do BUT…after playing around with a bunch of windlights I kept going back to this one.  Something about the dark silhouette of the avatars against the bright background, to me, showed off the pose much better….hopefully Sari-Sari agrees.  The You & Me II Pose from Sari-Sari is the only thing I am featuring in this photo so I didn’t really have to worry about keeping the clothing or decor in better light.  I do love how it turned out and it’s always fun to drag my hubby in for a couples photo. 

You can find this pose, as well as You & Me I, at the current round of Anthem..  Happy shopping and have a great weekend!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Lucy

Jacket – Addams – Maisei Bomber Jacket 

Jeans – Addams – Maisei Jeans w/ Patches

Shoes – Addams – Maisei Mid Sneakers



Shrub Yellow
Shrub02 Red

Heart Garden Center – Harmony Buffalo Gras – Flowering

Studio Skye – Skye Four Season Oak Tree


Sari-Sari – You & Me II @ Anthem


These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding 

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