It’s Always Summer Somewhere

So…I’m not featuring any sponsored items for this post but what I am showing off is an outfit from Vagrant.  It is also a bit of shameless self promotion because I did apply to blog for them so here you go Vagrant…as Stuart from MadTV would say “look what I can do”.  *Laughs” 

Several months ago I thinned out my sponsor list when things got busy with RL work and my stepson was here all summer and well, summer is just a busier time.  Now I find myself with more decor sponsors than fashion and since I like to do both, I am looking to add one or two fashion sponsors if I find a good fit.  If it works out with Vagrant, awesome!  If it doesn’t…well there is always next time!

I am happy to say I have the day off today but to those of you headed off to the 9-5 and to those who can stay in their Pj’s sipping coffee, Happy Monday!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Toxic 

Top – -[vagrant]- – Danna Top

Shorts – -[vagrant]- – Stella Leather Shorts

Glasses – Dirty Princess  – Hippie Chic Princess Sunglasses

Necklace – *AvaWay* – Keep Time Necklaces


Stun Poses – Julia – Pose 6


My Beach

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