It’s A Ginger Thing

Featuring Ecru Couture and Lyrium

It’s funny how some things happen with perfect timing.  I just posted the other day about wanting to add one or two fashion sponsors to my list and surprisingly I received an invitation to blog for Ecru Couture.  I had blogged Ecru Couture a few times in the past as part of my blogging for The Liaison Collaborative…..poses, and more recently, fashions which they are starting to release on a regular basis.  They have a very unique style perfectly described on their website, Transparencies, Details, Artistical and Fantasy.  I love the original designs and look forward to seeing what they inspire.

I am wearing the Coral Shorts & Suspenders which is coming soon to Tres Chic.  It is available in 12 styles (plaid, stripes, patterns) and a fatpack for all Maitreya and Legacy bodies.  Tres Chic opens on the 17th.  

I am also featuring the Hina Static Pose set from Lyrium.  The static set includes 5 different poses with mirrors and curvy options.  There is also an Idle Stand Breathing animated option perfect for customizing your AO.  You can find both sets at the main store.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Eyeshadow – Just Magnetized – Halo Eyeshadow Set 4

Hair – Doux  – Carla

Shorts & Suspenders – Ecru Couture – Coral Shorts & Suspenders @ Tres Chic

Jacket – Blueberry – Ela Fur Jacket

Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Jessica Sanctuary



 Kunstmuseen Graffiti Corner
Kunstmuseen Autumn Leaves Corner

Reality Designs LTD – Realistic People Pack – Person5

Himiko 3D – Woman 009


Lyrium – Hina Static Series – Pose 5

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