Beautiful Maples

Featuring Soul2Soul

The trees are
about to show us
how lovely it is
to let things go.

– Unknown

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall and though the leaves here in Alabama are not full of color, they are starting to fall.  The maples I am featuring here are full of gorgeous color and detail.  They are just beautiful.

These are Japanese Acers (the species that most Japanese Maples belong to) from Soul2Soul.  The pack includes three varieties in weather worn pots which have two texture options and the white is also tintable.  You can find these lovelies at The Liaison Collaborative.



Soul2SoulThe Liaison Collaborative

Japanese Acer. Bloodgood
Japanese Acer. Katsura
Japanese Acer. Osakazuki

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Noel Cabinet – Red
West Village Classic Watering Can – Copper

Nutmeg – Oriental Carpet

hive – Tabby’s Terrace Skybox


Oak Branch Arrangements./ Reds
Woodland Treasures Arrangement

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