At The Crossroads

Featuring Sari-Sari

I’ve been on a roll with the decor shots recently and I do love doing them.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was looking to pick up one or two fashion sponsors and BAM, I was invited to blog for Ecru Couture.  I had a pending application in with Vagrant but then I was invited to another blogger team, a decor creator and I just couldn’t resist so I pulled my application for Vagrant from Blogotex  and now I am full again…..at least until something that I just can’t pass comes up. *laughs*

Anyhoo….I love how this shot turned out and once again was happy that the end result is pretty much exactly what was in my head before I started setting the scene.  I am featuring the Ale Barrel Cart, Rustic Road Sign and Village Notice Board from Sari-Sari.  The Ale Barrel Cart can seat up to four avatars, with poses for singles (male & female) and 2 couple poses.  The Village Notice Board totally reminded me of the board I pull crafting writs from when I play Elder Scrolls Online and the scenery in the game is what originally inspired the photo.  You can find all of the items at The Solstice: The Fellowship, open now through October 14th.


Sari-Sari  @ The Solstice: The Fellowship

Ale Barrel Cart
Rustic Road Sign with Lantern
Village Notice Board

|T|L|C| Home Collection

TLC Chicken Gacha 9 Common
TLC Goat #8 – Perched
TLC Goat #8 – Sleeping
TLC Goat #8 – Standing


Autumn Forest Scrub Grass
Autumn Leaf Scatter
Young Birch Cluster


HPMD* Cliff Hill – flower
HPMD* Dirt Road – dark brown

The Little Branch – River Birch Shrub

Botanical – Douglas Fir

*HEXtraordinary*  – Screech Owl Perched

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