Coming Out Of The Dark

Featuring Aleutia

Ok…I’ve been at it all morning trying to decide what color/pattern to use for this outfit.  I am generally pretty decisive and as I click through a HUD one will jump out at me.  EVERYTHING was jumping out at me on this one!  This is the Olive Sweater and Skirt.  The pieces are sold separately and in a variety of fatpacks but trust me…you are going to want the full set “megapack” on this one.  Both pieces have options for a fuzzy effect and glitter also.  You can find them at Uber which just opened today.  Be patient and be sure to try the cam sims too.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – K0925 @ Uber

Top – [Aleutia]  – Olive Sweater @ Uber

Skirt – [Aleutia]  – Olive Skirt @ Uber

Earrings –  Rise Design – Metarose Earrings

Nails – Avada – Ballerina Fall Neutrals


TROPIX – The Haunted Aisle


Stun Poses – Maya – Pose 5

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