Cider Time

Featuring Serenity Style, Old Barn Door and InsurreKtion

It’s official!  Welcome October.  I am loving all of the fall photos I am seeing on Flickr and I know in part that is because fall in the southern USA is really different from the fall season in my home state of Michigan.  I feel like I write about this every year but I miss it every year…so that makes sense I suppose.  I will definitely be hitting Kroger this weekend to get my fix of their Old Fashioned Cake Donuts and then a local produce stand/orchard for some delicious cider.  They have the BEST apple cider slushes there.  I had my first one last year and have been talking about them for a couple of months now in anticipation. 

Today I am featuring new releases from Serenity Style and Old Barn Door and a previous release from InsurreKtion.  You can find details and landmarks in the credits!

Have a great weekend!



Serenity Style – Bentley Farmhouse Shed @ Uber


[IK] Harvest Time – Apples Barrel
[IK] Harvest Time – Apples Basin A
[IK] Harvest Time – Apples Basin B
[IK] Harvest Time – Apples Crate
[IK] Harvest Time – Cart
[IK] Harvest Time – Cider Tray
[IK] Harvest Time – Harvest Rack
[IK] Harvest Time – Laying Barrel
[IK] Harvest Time – Pumpkins Crate
[IK] Harvest Time – Stand Barrel
[IK] Harvest Time – Apples Bucket

{Old Barn Door} – Salem Maple Tree

LOVE – Autumn Forest Scrub Grass

Atelier Visconti – Old Drinking Trough

Studio Skye 

Skye Ancient Wall Cairn
Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Heart Garden Center 

Harmony Buffalo Grass – Flowering – Tall – circle – Autumn
Harmony Grass – Short – circle – Autumn
Heart – Ancient Stone Pathway – Straight

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