Here In The Forest, Dark And Deep

Featuring [Harshlands]

Here in the forest, dark and deep,
I offer you eternal sleep.

Eternal sleep??  Ummm, no thank you.  *Laughs* Just in time for Halloween I thought I would offer some advice/tips on what NOT to do if you find yourself in any scary movie type of dilemma.

1.  Don’t walk around in the dark.  This is never a good idea!
2.  Don’t call out someone’s name or “hello?”  Chances are good you don’t want to meet the someone that answers!
3.  Don’t trip and fall when running away…but if you do don’t just lay there and scoot…get back up and keep on running!
4.  Hear a creepy noise?  Breathing, scratching, whispering, moaning?  Do NOT go investigate!  Just don’t!
5.  Don’t go into the woods, old barns, cemeteries, etc.  Just no.
6.  Don’t go look in the attic….for ANYTHING!
7.  Don’t go into dark, creepy basements.  Trust me!  Nothing good is down there!
8.  Don’t scream, whimper, gasp or make any noise when hiding. You may as well jump up and wave your arms while screaming “here I am”!!
9.  Never assume the killer/monster is dead.
10.  If the killer/monster appears dead, NEVER drop your weapon and slump to the floor…and see #9!!

That is not a complete list but will definitely give you a good start on your way to survival!  

My featured item is the Phantom Lantern from Harshlands.  You get it in three texture options and it is materials enabled.  You can find it at The Liaison Collaborative.



Harshlands – The Phantom Lantern @ The Liaison Collaborative

{Old Barn Door} – Westwood Witches Set

LOVE – Autumn Scrub Grass

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