Witch Among Us

Featuring KOPFKINO

Happy Saturday!  I am sure many of you are out hitting the weekend sales and I wanted to tell you about the new release from KOPFKINO.  All of the items can be found at the current count of The Epiphany, open now thru November 12th.

There are various items available and they are sold individually or as a decor fatpack. The Moth Skull comes in three different colors and comes with a decor version as well as a wearable version.  The Witch’s Hat Rabbit comes in three different themes and The Raven comes in two different colors.

There is also two older releases, the Magic Potions & Books and Magic Papers, available at a special price of 50L each only for the duration of the event.  You will also find a new group gift, Mandrake Poison, at the main store.  Don’t miss out on these great deals!



KOPFKINO @ The Epiphany

Magic Papers
Magic Potions and Books
Mandrake Poison – Decor
Moth Skull (black) – Decor
Moth Skull (natural) – Decor
The Raven (Albino)
The Witch’s Rabbit (Albino Vampire)

Medieval Fantasy

Book Line
Spider Cobwebs

Merak – Witch’s Shoes

Apple Fall – Dutch Parlour Chair Remastered

DaD Virtual Living – Climbing Ivy

Elm. – Cassia Side Table

Pitaya – Dark Scene – All black

Remarkable Oblivion – The Doll Maker – Eyeris Doll

Refuge – Vintage Spring Book Stack

HEXtraordinary – Victorian Globe Stand Lantern – Silver

L&T Designs – Gothic Fireplace

Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr.Toad – Black – Not Available (Gacha item)

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