Classy In Blue

Featuring Ecru Couture

Ok…funny story!  I wanted to blog this beautiful dress from Ecru Couture but when I tried it on there was a bit of skin showing at the neck so I tried on a different size and it was the same.  Then I checked out Ecru Couture’s Flickr page to see if anyone else had blogged it and sure enough I saw the same thing there.  I snapped a Gyazo and sent a message to the CEO asking her if anyone else had mentioned the issue.  She kindly replied that it was meant to be that way, like a buttonhole.  Silly me replies “Ohhh, ok” and after a few pleasantries I went back to my photo.

Now on my days off I generally get my blog posted and then log into Second Life to start another photo and spend the next several hours going back and forth from working on a photo to doing RL stuff.  I got this photo finished and edited and then went AFK for several hours doing housework, dishes and even made banana bread.  When I came back to sit down and do the write up the lightbulb FINALLY went off.  That buttonhole that I thought was a rigging issue…well it is for the strap that has come undone.  So even when I was told it was a buttonhole I STILL didn’t get that it was for the fallen strap.  This just shows that you can sometimes look at something too long and it’s always good to come back with fresh eyes.  It was SO obvious immediately that I actually laughed out loud for not catching on after looking at it all morning AND even being told it was a buttonhole.  So there you go!  I had a great laugh at myself…feel free to join in! LOL

Anyway…the dress, Erin, can be found at Shiny Shabby.  I love it’s unique design and fabric and is has a chic vintage vibe, like something decades old that is so classic it never goes out of style. I can hear the paparazzi now…”She was seen having coffee wearing vintage Ecru Couture.”  Have a great day!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Cintia @ Level

Dress – Ecru Couture – Erin Shiny Shabby

Earrings – ChicChica – Vivie


The Bearded Guy – Urban Build Backdrop V2

Dysfunctionality – Swaying Leafy Bush

MINIMAL – Mily Cafe Backdrop


Stun Poses – Clairo – Pose 1

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