Take The Chill Off

Featuring Sari-Sari and Capsule by DaD

I have officially made the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee…at least for my morning drink.  It has been downright chilly in the morning and even the dogs agree and run right back in after they have done their business.

Today I am featuring this cute coffee cup from Sari-Sari.  The Cup with Knit Sleeve includes a bento animated version as well as just a version to hold. You also get left and right versions for those mornings when you need to double fist your coffee.  *Laughs*  A HUD is included to customize the knit wrap and the little design which you can also hide if you choose to,  You can find it at anthem.

I am also featuring the Amelia Stockings from Capsule by DaD. They are available at The Epiphany which has just about a week left. The socks come in three styles; plain, rustic and splat (Halloween) in a rainbow of colors.  A cut off version is included so you can wear them with the Capsule Anne boots and many of your favorites from other brands.  Each version has the option to change the color for the garter, metal and gems.  Head to The Epiphany for a demo and grab your favorite style or a fatpack.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Maddie

Top – Caboodle – Wool Pajama Top

Shorts – Caboodle – Wool Pajama Shorts

Socks – Capsule by DaD – Amelia Socks – Plain @ The Epiphany

Coffee Cup – Sari-Sari – Cup with Knit Sleeve @ Anthem


MudHoney – Classic Photo Room 2

{What Next}

Colonna Cannisters
Colonna Chalkboard
Colonna Coffee Machine (red)
Colonna Sideboard – Wood/Decor

Apple Fall  – Cranberry Muffins

Nutmeg – Staying Warm Tealight House

HPMD – Static Rabbit

Botanical – Douglas Fir

OPI – Lace Valance


Lyrium – Garden View – Pose 2 (arm modified by coffee)

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