Wood + Stone = Cozy Home

Featuring KOPFKINO, DaD Virtual Living and Oh Deer

Today I am featuring some beautiful home decor pieces from DaD Virtual Living, KOPFKINO and Oh Deer. Starting with KOPFKINO, the Forever Autumn set features a time worn table with lovely autumn decor all in one linked piece.  It is mod though so you can move pieces around to your liking.  The one on the right is how the item appears when rezzed and the one on the left shows how I have edited and moved the pieces around for my scene.  The best part about this NEW release?  It is on sale for just 60L and the Happy Weekend Sale.  You can find it at the KOPFKINO main store.  Don’t miss it, as when the weekend is over, so is the sale and the item will be regular price.

Next, from DaD Virtual Living is the Les Memoires Church Bench.  It is available in two colors, brown wood as shown here or in a white washed wood.  Each color is available in PG and Adult versions that include animations and the pillows and throw can be changed to a cream palette as shown to a red palette with just a touch.  You can find it at Anthem.

Last but not least is a cute little table top figure from Oh Deer.  The Happy For You To Meet Carrie figure is what I would describe as a little table top spin on a scarecrow.  It is currently available for just a few more days at The Liaison Collaborative.  Oh Deer has several other decor pieces available, mostly Halloween themed, but Carrie will go straight through Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend!



KOPFKINO – Forever Autumn

DaD Virtual Living – Les Memoires Church Bench Brown @ Anthem

Oh Deer! – Happy For You To Meet Carrie @ The Liaison Collaborative

Apple Fall – Atelier Pendant Lamp

Nutmeg – Countryside Dream Spruce Branch

Refuge – Vintage Spring Book Stack


Cornwall Set – Candlestick Set
Cornwall Set – Hanging Shelf
Cornwall Set – Large Planter
Cornwall Set – Small Planter
Cornwall Set – Trellis
Scandinavia Pillow – Pale
Scandinavia Rug – Pale

Hisa  – La maisonette D’Aurora

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