Almond Joy

Featuring KOPFKINO, Harshlands, Simply Shelby , Ecru Couture and Secret Poses

It wasn’t intended but by the time I had finished this photo it was giving off a Scandinavian feeling to me.  I think it’s the outfit, the wallpaper and the hair.  I hope that doesn’t come across as offensive in any way because I am totally in love with the whole look….and I could just be using my limited exposure to what I think Scandinavian things look like…..which honestly is probably the Norway pavilion at Epcot Center at Disney World….which, as a random side note, carries my most favorite perfume ever…Laila! 

Anyway, I am featuring all sorts of great things, too many to list all the details without this post ending up a novel, so just check the credits on where to find everything.  One thing I will point out because it is for the Happy Weekend sale only (so time sensitive) is the  Candied Almonds decor and held prop from KOPFKINO.  They will be on sale today and tomorrow only so if you want them don’t dilly dally!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Tram – K0525

Dress – Ecru Couture – Nora Dress The Liaison Collaborative

Almond Cone – KOPFKINO – Candied Almonds Held


KOPFKINO @ Candied Almonds Decor

Harshlands – Cabin Fireplace @ The Liaison Collaborative

Simply Shelby – Rustic Holiday Shelf @ The Liaison Collaborative

{Old Barn Door} – Magnolia Valance

+Half-Deer+  – Mini Ceramic Village Gold

Apple Fall – Oxford Wingback Chair

LISP – Mulberry Lodge w/ Snow

Trompe Loeil

Enfield Couch + Blanket/Pillow
Enfield Trunk Closed Le Cerf


Secret Poses – Andreina – Pose 1 @ The Liaison Collaborative (arm position modified by prop)

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