My Idea of Christmas

Featuring {Old Barn Door}, {What Next}, Bricolage and friday

My idea of Christmas,
whether old-fashioned or
modern, is very simple:
loving others.

-Bob Hope

I LOVE when a picture turns out almost exactly as you had pictured it in your head and this one did just that.  That’s great….BUT…it also means I will be overly critical of my next few photos, thinking they pale in comparison.  We are our own worst critics after all.  There are so many things I love in this picture….some are sponsored items and some are just favorites from my inventory!  Let’s get to the what’s and where’s!

Starting with Old Barn Door, there are actually two different new releases shown.  First is the Farmhouse Holiday Crate, simple and beautiful with little white trees and pine branches.  The next release is a full set of goodies.  The Traditional Holiday Set includes several pieces with the fireplace being the focal point.  You get so much more too…garland, candlesticks, stocking holders, lanterns and more.  Check the credits for the full list and see it in person at the main store.

From Bricolage is a variety of gorgeous rustic items including the Sleigh Ride in Winter Folk Art print, the Christmas Star Wreath, the Vintage Holiday Wardrobe and a new group gift, the Grateful Pillow Basket.  I love the 12 Days of Christmas reference on the wardrobe.  The front panels feature 4 calling birds, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.  The 3 French Hens must have “flown the coop”. Insert “Whaaa, whaaaa, whaaaaa” sound here! You can find all of this and more at the main store.

I am also featuring a new cocoa tray from What Next.  The Christmas Blend Cocoa Tray dispenses a delicious cup of cocoa on touch, fitted for both male and female avatars in your choice of holding animation or drinking animation.  It is available at Santa Inc. along with two other matching pieces that you can buy as a set or individually.

Also from Santa Inc. is the cute reindeer pillow.  Rudy The Reindeer comes with a huggable/wearable version as well as a decor version.  I also have it on good authority that he loves cold weather and enjoys sipping hot cocoa while watching all of his favorite Christmas movies!  Kind of like me….minus the cold weather!

Happy shopping!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Farmhouse Holiday Crate
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Angel Stocking Holder
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Candlestick [Lrg]
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Candlestick [Sml]
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Crock – Tree
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Crock – Wood
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Fireplace
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Garland [Lrg]
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Lantern [Lrg]
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Lantern [Sml]
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Picture
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Star Stocking Holder
{OBD} Traditional Holiday Tree Stacker


“Sleigh Ride in Winter,” Folk Art
Bricolage Christmas Star Wreath
Bricolage Grateful Pillow Basket, Group Gift
Bricolage Vintage Holiday Wardrobe

{What Next} – Christmas Blend Cocoa Tray @ Santa Inc

friday – Rudy The Reindeer (Decor) @ Santa Inc

KraftWork – Shabby Living Half Library Christmas

Dust Bunny 

Present Pile
Willow Farmhouse


Dreamy Pastels Armchair
Dreamy Pastels Ottoman
Dreamy Pastels Sofa
Festive Chandelier

Acorn – Xmas Countdown Cushion

Apple Fall – Heritage Christmas Tree – Golden White

Botanical – Douglas Fir

FIN – Fifties Holiday Cards

HPMD – Tiny Winter Houses (modified)

Refuge – Winter Scene Santa (twinkle)

[ west end ] – Joy To The World – Table Top Decor

Merak – Warm Memories Blanket

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