The Warmth Of The Season

Featuring {Old Barn Door}

My cold is still hanging on but after a lovely nap yesterday, I did manage to get inspired for another photo!  This one is featuring lots of pretty things from Old Barn Door, some new and some old…all of it beautiful!  Check out the credits for all of the details and have a wonderful day!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} Candy Cane Garland [Red]
{OBD} Farmhouse Hutch
{OBD} Farmhouse Hutch Dishes
{OBD} Farmhouse Stocking 1
{OBD} Farmhouse Stocking 2
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Bench
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Candle
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Centerpiece
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Chandelier [Short]
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Christmas Cookies
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Credenza
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Dining Chair 1/Bow
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Dining Chair 2/Bow
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Dining Chair 3/Bow
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Doily (6 Textures)
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Garland
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Lantern
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Pillar House 1
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Pillar House 2
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Pillar House 3
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Runner
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Table
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Tree
{OBD} Hickory Farmhouse Wonderful Picture
{OBD} Hickory Fields Chair [A] – Red
{OBD} Holiday Wagon Wheel

Bricolage – Red Star Christmas Tree

{What Next} 

 Flakey the Snowman
Winter’s Cottage

KraftWork – Grasmere Collection – Rug Tartan

BROKEN ARROWS – Cozy Moments – Painting 3 – Red Blanket

Mesh Plants – Hedge – Long _Season Changing 

LISP – Art Nouveau Texture Change Floor Lamp – Jade

hive – Christmas Lights – Straight

Your Dreams – Christmas Dining Room – Little Christmas Tree

{moss&mink} – Chopped Wood basket

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